Central Park
A competition for the redevelopment of
the green heart of the city.
Landscape architects from all over the world are invited to take part in a architect's selection for the design of
the Central Park area of Voronezh – a city of 1.000.000 inhabitants located 500 km south of Moscow. The area comprises over 100 ha of woodland north of the city centre.

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Key historical events
In 1844 a tree nursery was created on the park's territory
The park became the central park of the city
The park was flooded and felt into disrepair
Reconstruction and new life of the park
In 1844 a tree nursery was created on the park's territory by the instructions of Emperor Alexander II.
By 1850 the nursery had been designated as a "Botanical Garden" on the city's maps. In 1918 the Soviet government transmitted the nursery to the local university, in 1929 the nursery was given the park status.
During World War II in 1942-1943 the park was in the front line and heavy fighting took place of its territory. In peacetime the park was reconstructed. The park became a favorite for dwellers and guests of the city.

Exhibitions, fairs and city festivals were held and different pavilions, cafes and attractions were installed, among them a Ferris wheel with a beautiful city panorama. In the summer theater hundreds of concerts were held. In 1990s the park felt into disrepair. A major update of the park began in 2014. On the basis of a reconstruction project elaborated by French landscape architect Olivier Dame and Moscow company "Megapark" 10 ha of the park were reconstructed. This included the repair of the central alley and the Green Theatre, the construction of fountains, volleyball and football grounds, a kids "town", tennis courts and bicycle paths.

The design task
It is obvious to the client that it is not possible to create a park of 100 ha with the same level of detailing as the reconstruction project for 10 ha realized in the years 2014-2017. Therefore the main task of the participants is to develop a strategy to make the park accessible and usable for different types of recreation and sports. The concept design should focus on the programming of the area, taking into account different scenario's for different times of the year and of course the possibilities offered by the existing vegetation and relief. This can include intensive and extensive uses. The concept should include an estimation of both the costs and possible revenues of various programmatic elements.
Time Schedule
June 12
The competition announcement
The organizer sends invitations in participation to landscape architects offices with the necessary experience and qualification and publishes the information about the beginning of the competition in the media.
July 3nd
Deadline for sending portfolio's
July 5
The choice of 3 teams
The organizer prepares qualification rate and submit its consideration to the client, then both of them choose three participants.
July 14
Тhe participants receive a elaborate brief including analytical and cartographic materials
July 27
Introductory seminar
The participants come to the city of Voronezh at the same time. The aims of the seminar:
- visit to the territory of the park
- acquaintance with the customer
- getting answers to questions
- conducting a public lecture
- signing a contract for the concept design.
November 2
Concept presentation and jury
The participants present their design concepts. The Jury choose a Winner of the competition on the base of the presentations. The Winner signs a contract for further project elaboration.
December 14
Final project presentation
The winner presents a detailed project base on the original concept
First round: Design concept – 3 x 800.000 roubles (around 10.500 Euro)
€ 10.500
Second round: Elaborate proposal – 1 x 2.800.000 roubles (around 38.000 Euro)
€ 38.000
* at current rates
Curator of the competition
Bart Goldhoorn
Architect, curator
Сo-founder of the Urban Institute,
Founder of the Project Russia magazine
Сo-founder and curator of Moscow Architecture Biennale
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